It's just that simple!

And with it comes our industry exclusive, wire and cable protection guarantee.

Cable Glydz 5 Year Guarantee
The industry's only 5-year warranty.
Covers wire, cable, material, and labor.

Look for the Cable Glydz Product Demonstration Center

Look for the Cable Glydz Product Demonstration Center.

See Cable Glydz in action — view their effectiveness through translucent raceways and how they easily handle 90-degree angles while maintaining full integrity. Watch how any size, weight, and length of cable is mastered while sidewall pressure is reduced dramatically and cable pulling becomes easy.

VIEW A 5 SECOND INSTALL @cable_glydz

Sample Installation

Selecting the proper Cable Gldyz product

1. Select 3P3W or 3P4W installation 3P4W
2. Select system voltage 600V
3. Select O.C. protection ampacity 800A
4. Select wire manufacturer TBD
5. Select jacket type THHN
6. Select conductor size 500
7. Input length of run 350'
Model number: 8004/90
Quantity needed: 234
Raceway required: 3 1/2"
Cable Glydz
3 Conductor - 600V 3 CONDUCTOR
600V Model
3 Conductor - 5Kv 3 CONDUCTOR
5Kv Model
3 Conductor - 15Kv 3 CONDUCTOR
15Kv Model
4 Conductor - 600V 4 CONDUCTOR
600V Model
Cable Glydz

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